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Driver charged with impaired in Skyway crash Essays - Alcohol Law

Driver charged with impaired in Skyway crash Essays - Alcohol Law Driver charged with impaired in Skyway crash Driver charged with impaired in Skyway crash Chch News July 31, 2014 , On July 31, 2014 a 34-year-old Sukhvinder Rai from Brampton is being charged with one count of impaired operation of a motor vehicle, and one count of having a blood alcohol level exceeding 80 milligrams while operating a motor vehicle. As a result of these charges, his licence has been suspended for 90 days. For the shutdown on one of the busiest highways in the province after a truck slammed into scaffolding at the top of the Skyway Bridge, stopping all traffic heading towards Toronto. OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt speaks out and says Impaired driving is one of the key priorities we have to keep our highways safe and one of the leading causes of injury and death. I choose this Topic story because, it is a major issue with teens around my age, and knowing that it cause a large amount of deaths every year. Touches my heart, it is not responsible and I believe this should not happen but it still does yet people know the dangers of it. Yet fortunately nobody was hurt in this accident I could have been worse on many terms. My special intentions go to all families who has lost someone to impaired driving, and all the ones who have been injured caused by impaired driving, also R.I.P to all the fallen ones. Somebody Should have Told Him 'I went to a party, Mom' I went to a party, and remembered what you said. You told me not to drink, Mom so I had a sprite instead. I felt proud of myself, the way you said I would, that I didn't drink and drive, though some friends said I should. I made a healthy choice, and your advice to me was right as the party finally ended, and the kids drove out of sight. I got into my car, sure to get home in one piece, I never knew what was coming, Mom something I expected least. Now I'm lying on the pavement, And I hear the policeman say, 'The kid that caused this wreck was drunk, ' Mom, His voice seems far away. My own blood's all around me, as I try hard not to cry. I can hear the paramedic say, 'This girl is going to die.' I'm sure the guy had no idea, while he was flying high, because he chose to drink and drive, now I would have to die. So why do people do it, Mom Knowing that it ruins lives? And now the pain is cutting me, like a hundred stabbing knives. Tell sister not to be afraid, Mom tell daddy to be brave, and when I go to heaven, put 'Daddy's Girl' on my grave. Someone should have taught him, that its wrong to drink and drive. Maybe if his parents had, I'd still be alive. My breath is getting shorter, Mom I'm getting really scared. These are my final moments, and I'm so unprepared. I wish that you could hold me Mom, as I lie here and die. I wish that I could say I love you, Mom So I love you and good-bye. By Mike Orman

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Measurement of the force of typical and jerking impact on a horses Essay

Measurement of the force of typical and jerking impact on a horses mouth by the snaffle bit used in equestrian sports - Essay Example The key issue addressed is the defining of regular and maximum rein tension and bit pressure, which is applied by riders in the case of punishing the horse. The report describes a laboratory experiment with several selected training techniques that are used in this modern age. The amount of pressure that was actually applied by six riders of different qualifications to the mouth of the horse by pulling the reins was determined with a dynamometer attached to the reins. The experiment tested â€Å"typical† and â€Å"jerking† forces applied by the rider, and the subsequent impact of the bit (common snaffle) on the horse’s mouth. The maximum impact force of the reins upon the horse head mannequin was fixated at the levels of 179kg. Mechanical impacts of mentioned intensity, registered during experiments, might lead to various damage of oral cavity tissues. The authors are of the opinion that the bit punishment represents pain and cruelty, and after the experiment, all participants were interviewed. Common methods of bit punishment, the amount of rein tension, and why they were applied to the horse’s mouth were di scussed and analysed. Data was presented in tables, and statistical principles were applied. Attention was raised that all training methods used across equestrian disciplines could jeopardise equine welfare. While it was proven that the bit is a cause of many diseases, disorders, and injuries (Cook, 2003), it is still used in equine sports and recreation. The term ‘cruelty’ is still not attributed to physical punishment, harm, pain or injury that may happen in the equine sport. McGreevy (2007) addressed the issue of the horse’s welfare in his review of Equitation Science. It is an emerging discipline that combines learning, theory, physics and ethnology to evaluate current training techniques. Up to now, arguments concerning the horse’s welfare rely

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Peer response Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 7

Peer response - Article Example In terms of concerns regarding sampling, the plan to obtain a representative sample through securing a list of students in remedial classes is deemed to be an appropriate mode. Soliciting these students’ approval to participate in the study is another issue that needs a good technique. Your suggestion to send email message to these students is an alternative. However, one suggests that you could directly endorse request letters to these students while in their traditional class settings. Of course, you have to request approval from the instructors, as well as from the academic authorities prior to solicitation of approval for participation. Thus, through a quick survey-questionnaire, these same students could respond immediately in the same traditional classroom setting to collect their responses. I believe this suggestion would also eliminate sampling biases since the survey would be conducted to all students taking remedial classes in their traditional classroom

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Book binding Essay Example for Free

Book binding Essay OBJECTIVES:2. OBJECTIVES:The term ‘binding’ is sometimes used to describe the cover of a book. For example, you might refer to a book as having a binding of leather, or being bound in linen. But binding also means the act of attaching many pages to one another to produce a book. Bookbinding is a very old craft and the techniques used in hand-binding have hardly changed over the centuries. Mechanization has changed the way most books are made but hand-bound books still use the same the techniques and equipment. As a craft, bookbinding plays an important role in the production of artists books, the preservation of antique books, and in training for fine arts students. As a commercial process, bookbinding plays a role in the lives of any consumer who picks up a book or magazine. Advances in commercial bookbinding techniques have greatly improved the cost, and therefore accessibility, of printed material all over the world. IT: 3. WHAT DID YOU DO TO ORGANIZE IT:A prior permission has been taken from the Teacher-in-Charge of our institution to perform the work. Eight students of class VIII, Sec A are selected to participate with me. The Biology Laboratory of this institution has been selected as the working place. I first told the students the procedure of book binding:†¢ Stapling and Sewing – The collected papers exactly the same sized are piled them up. Then staple down/sewed along one edge. †¢ Gluing A white paper paste, or library paste, is good for most purposes. †¢ Covering Any book will be enormously improved if it has some kind of a cover. The cover doesnt have to be cloth or cardboard or particularly heavy. [emailprotected] com 1 BOOK BINDING CONTRBUTIONS:4. CONTRBUTIONS:†¢ MINE – I directed as well as helped the students how to prepare for such works. †¢ MY HEAD TEACHER – He encouraged and motivated me to perform the work. He also helped me by inspiring the students also. He also helped me by granting a fund for that. †¢ MENTOR – The Principal, Prof. D. P. Nag Chowdhury of the College, Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education was the mentor who helped me mentally as well as providing printed materials to do the work. The Director of the workshop, Prof Trishna Goswami as well as the Coordinator, Prof. S. R. Adhikari of the College, Shimurali Sachinandan College of Education, P. O. – Shimurali, District – Nadia also helped me in many ways. A book binder of that locality also helped various ways to make successful this work. CTIVITY: 5. OUTPUT OF THE ACTIVITY:Students can bind books at home following these simple instructions. This is so simple that the students themselves can make them for the joy of learning science. It can encourage them in publishing business. PERSONAL:6. YOUR PERSONAL:†¢ OBSERVATIONS – Students shortlisted the materials from their book or as directed that are needed to perform the work. Sheets of paper for binding into a book, Bone folder, Studio Tac double-sided adhesive, Heavyweight papers for end pages, Pencil, Jade glue, Paint brush, Headband tape, Craft knife, Binders board (acid-free), Book canvas, Iron-on transfer paper (optional)are collected by the students from their homes and market. Then [emailprotected] com 2 BOOK BINDING they started the work following the book binding procedure as stated. My students enjoyed this very much and many of them tried this on their own. †¢ EXPERIENCES Teaching children about the publishing business entails more than writing stories and creating characters. In fact, you can turn any English lesson into a crafts project by introducing children to bookbinding activities. †¢ DIFFICULTIES Manipulatives and experiments are teaching aids that the children are allowed to play with and touch. Hence it was a time consuming process. FROM:7. FEED BACK FROM:†¢ STUDENTS The participants were fully satisfied and wished such programme to be of more and more so that they could update their knowledge activity. This is the spirit of teaching and learning. With hands on activities they acquire first-hand knowledge which inspires them to pursue the field of publishing to become successful who is the wealth of a nation. †¢ COLLEAGUES – They highly appreciated such activities more and more so that the students can easily understand their lessons. The students can test these works without any fear of cost or breakage. This is so simple that the students themselves can make them for the joy of learning science. Teaching children bookbinding is a way for them to become part of this long tradition of book arts in a fun and imaginative way. †¢ MENTOR – He thanked me so that I have done the work accordingly in involvement with my students in my institution. This will be proved very useful in rural and urban schools as well. ************* [emailprotected] com 3

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Adolescent Girls :: essays research papers

This study examined the perceived role of three types of sociocultural agents (peers, parents, and media) in influencing body dissatisfaction and dietary restraint in adolescent girls. Participants were 577 grade 10 girls from six schools who completed questionnaires in class and had height and weight measured. Two path analyses resulted in a similar pattern. While current body size strongly predicted ideal body size and body dissatisfaction, perceived influence of multiple sociocultural agents regarding thinness also had a direct relationship with body ideal and dissatisfaction. Dietary restraint was predicted directly from body dissatisfaction and sociocultural influences. Peers, parents, and media varied in their perceived influence. The findings support the idea that those girls who show the most body dissatisfaction and dietary restraint live in a subculture supporting a thin ideal and encouraging dieting. Body concerns and/or dieting behaviors are reported by mast adolescent girls (Paxton et at, 1991; Wadden, Forster, Stunkard, & Linowitz, 1989; Wertheim, Paxton, Maude, Gibbons, Szmulker, & Hillier, 1992). Although body concerns may lead to healthy eating choices and exercise in some girls, many others diet despite already being a healthy weight or report using unhealthy methods such as fasting or vomiting (Paxton et al., 1991; Wadden et al., 1989; Wertheim et al., 1992). These latter behaviors are of concern since longitudinal studies suggest that dieting in adolescence is a risk factor for the development of eating disorder symptoms (Killen et al., 1994; Leon, Fulkerson, Perry, & Early-Zaid, 1995; Patton, Johnson-Sabine, Wood, Mann, & Wakeling, 1990). Most theories of dieting, body image, and eating disorders assign a major role to sociocultural factors (Levine & Smolak, 1992; Stice, 1994), such as the media. There has been a trend in the media, over several decades, for smaller ideal female body size despite increases in the actual body size of young women (O'Dea, 1995). These findings have led to the idea that body dissatisfaction results from the discrepancy between a female's actual body size and an ideal size strongly influenced by images in the media. Indeed, larger girls (those farthest from media ideals) report more dieting and body dissatisfaction, and many normal-weight girls also diet and report dissatisfaction (Huon, 1994; Patton et al., 1990; Paxton et al., 1991; Wadden et al.

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Ict in Language Teaching

ICT IN LANGUAGE TEACHING Introduction: English is the dominant language of the Internet. A large proportion of the educational software produced in the world market is in English. For developing countries in the Asia-Pacific where English language proficiency is not high, this represents a serious barrier to maximizing the educational benefits of the World Wide Web. Icts In Language Teaching: Technology is in-built in language teaching. The latest technology available to the language teacher is the computer. Many examples of the use of ICTs can be introduced in language teaching. Here a few, ?Word processing Composing documents and presentations ?Information and communication ?Speech Recoginition And Synthesis ?Multimedia and languages ?E-learning ?Chatting ?Skype or Voip Service ?Online Teaching ?Web –Based Learning Word processing: The most common application of ICT in languages is word processing, to create, for example, letters and other documents. Ability to use a word pr ocessor is necessary in today’s society. Computer provides a better alternative for people using typewriters. There are clear advantages of using a word processor compared to the usual method of writing on paper or typing with a typewriter.Student should appreciate the use of a word processor and be encouraged to use it for most writing tasks. Teachers can create cloze reading tests like i. Texts with missing words ii. Words missing punctuation iii. Plural or tense endings iv. Arranging a story in chronological order v. Completing a story or vi. An outline for students to complete. Composing documents and presentations: Students can be taught to compose documents and make presentations. They can use texts and graphics in their presentations. They should know to convert data into appropriate graphics presentations.They should be able to produce simple web pages with text and graphics. Information and communication: In an information society, Students can get information quickl y from appropriate sources and they can exchage an information and collaborate speedily with others throughout the world. With the increasing use of the Internet, it is necessary that students have a clear but critical understanding of the possibilities of the World Wide Web. Students should know the various sources of information available to them and how to access these.There is considerable amount of information on the internet about writers and books; databases, reviews, opinions, and so on. This ready access will change the nature of language teaching because this information is so easy to access. Speech Recoginition And Synthesis: Students should be given the right software, so that they can compare their own pronunciations with those of a synthesized model, both orally and visually. Language laboratories are very useful in learning a foreign language. Multimedia and languages: Students can create their own multimedia software, to help in their learning of a foreign language.T hus Students can the language in a playful way. E-learning: E-learning is defined as an interactive learning in which the learning content is available online and provides automatic feedback to the students learning activities. Online communication with real people may or may not be included, but the focus of e-learning is usually more on the learning content than on communication between learners and tutors. E-learning could be viewed as an Online descendant of computer– based training(CBT) and computer– aided instruction (CAI). Goals and benefits of e-learning: . Improved performance: Higher education in Online learning is generally better than in face-to-face courses. 2. Increased access: Students can share their knowledge across borders, allowing students to across physical, political and economic boundaries. 3. Convenience and flexibility to learners: Learners are not bound to a specific day or time to physically attend classes. They can also pause learning sessio ns at their convenience. The high technology is not necessary for all Online courses. Basic internet access, audio and video capabilities are common requriments.Depending on the technology used, Students can begin their courses while at work and finish them at home on a different computer. 4. To develop the literacy skills and competencies needed in this present century: E-learning enables learners to develop the literacy skills knowledged- based workers by embedding the use of ICT’s within the curriculum. Chatting: Chatting is another great tool for Online Teaching, especially for a small virtual conference with one or a few students for a seminar. The audio and video components of some of the chat programs offer even more advantages.Students can use one of the free chat programs such as Yahoo messenger or MSN but they are often part of an Educational Delivery Application. Skype or Voip Service: The Online telephone services are great for teaching online language classes. A lot of online teachers use services like Skype but students often use their mobile phone so they can take a call anywhere. Online Teaching: Online teaching refers to the process of tutoring within an online virtual environment or networked environment where teachers and learners are separated by time and space.There are many terms for online education. Some of them are: 1. virtual education. 2. Internet- based education. 3. Web- based education. 4. Computer- mediated communication (CMC) Tutor is an academic, lecturer or professor who has responsibility for teaching in a degree or diploma programme in a university or vocational teaching and learning setting. In this instance the teacher requires excellent online communication skills to guide students who may study totally online without face- to- face contact with the tutor.It also focuses on achieving goals of independent learning, learner autonomy, self- reflection, knowledge construction, group based learning and discussion. It in volves five stages. They are, 1. Access and motivation 2. Online socialization 3. Information exchange 4. Knowledge construction 5. Development. Web –Based Learning: Web –Based Learning is associated with learning materials delivered in a Web browser, including the materials packaged on CD- ROM. Online learning is associated with content readily accessible on a computer.The content may be on the Web or the internet, or simply installed on a CD- ROM or the computer hard disk. Web –Based Learning entails content in a Web browser and actual learning materials delivered in a Web format. In this, Web –Based Learning is analogous to textbooks, where the content determines whether a book is a novel, a report, or a textbook. Simply offering computer -based training (CBT) for download from a Website is not Web –Based Learning since there is no learning content in Web format. Web browsing the learning content is the key feature of Web –Based Learning. Web –Based Learning content is typically retrieved from a Website. For instance, some Web –Based Learning offerings operate from CD- ROM and many are offered on dual format: Website and CD- ROM. The CD- ROM solution is typically associated with situations where network access may not be available or practical, like in schools lacking internet access or in the midst of a military conflict. Benefits of Web –Based Learning: 1. Access is available anytime, anywhere, around the globe: Students access information whether they are working from home or from office. . Per-Student equipment costs are affordable: Almost any computer today equipped with a modem and free browser software can access the internet or a private intranet. The cost of set up is relatively low. 3. Student tracking is made easy: WBT enables the data to be automatically tracked on the server- computer. Thus students can easily implement the powerful Student tracking systems. 4. Content is easily upda ted: WBT is a simple matter of copying the updated files from a local developers computer onto the server- computer.The real disadvantage of WBT, is the lack of human contact, which greatly impacts learning. WBT is better than the CD- ROM learning in this regard. Students can use their Web connection to e-mail other students,post comments on message boards, or use chat rooms and videoconference links to communicate live. With higher speed connections and improved conferencing software, one day Students around the world will be able to communicate in real time with each other through full- screen video. Using Web- based training, like all other delivery media, has advantages and disadvantages.One of the greatest challenges in ICT use in education is balancing educational goals with economic realities. ICTs in education programs require large capital investments and developing countries need to be prudent in making decisions about what models if ICT use will be introduced and to be co nscious of maintaining economies of scale. CONCLUSION: Thus ICTs are a powerful and useful teaching tool in the hands of a resourceful teacher. ICTs help a learner in learning any aspect of language such as vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, composition, etc. It motivates learner to learn foreign language and literature.

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The Drug War On Drugs Essay - 2030 Words

Spearheaded by President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, the movement known as the â€Å"War on Drugs† sought to control the sale and use of psychoactive drugs as well as promote access to treatment for those who abuse and misuse these substances (Bagley, 1988; Elkins, 1990). Policies implemented prohibited the possession and distribution of narcotics (e.g. marijuana, cocaine, heroin); the punitive policies, which often resulted in hefty fines and prison sentences for violators, ultimately prompted the emergence of a black market, more potent and lethal drugs, synthetic drugs as well as led to the increase in organized crime and prison population (Bagley, 1988; Broden, 2013; Cussen Block, 2000; Elkins, 1990; Friedman, 1991; Henderson, 1990; MacCoun, 1993; Powell, 2013). Despite the initial intention, there was rarely sufficient funding allocated towards achieving the latter goals—of promoting and advocating treatment for drug addicts (Bagley, 1988). Many of the harms of the drug war had been epitomized decades earlier by the Temperance movement in the United States; despite the unsuccessful alcohol prohibition, policymakers made the moral choice to adopt a similar stance with psychoactive drugs (Thornton, 1991). Fortunately, as society progresses, some countries are acknowledging the inefficiencies and detrimental effects of the drug war; countries such as Portugal and the Netherlands have decriminalized and legalized drug use, respectively (Hughes Stevens, 2010; Reuter, 2010).Show MoreRelatedThe Drug War On Drugs1378 Words   |  6 Pagesnon-violent drug charges. These people’s lives are now forever changed because of a mistake they made. This mistake is continually made every single day and Americans are being punished in extreme ways for a non violent crime. The United States needs to decimalize all drugs because the drug war is costly, causes high incarceration rates, and isn’t effective as European drug solu tions. In the 20th century, the United States government led a major renewed surge in drug prohibition called the War on DrugsRead MoreThe War On Drugs And Drugs Essay972 Words   |  4 PagesThe war on drugs have been a critical issue that has repeatedly held a great debate topic. It was in the 1906 when the first act against drug was put into effect with the Pure Food and Drug Act which required all over-the-counter medication to have label of its ingredients. Under President Nixon the first executive branch office to coordinate drug policy was formed and the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act was put into place. Two years following that the Drug Enforcement AgencyRead MoreThe War On Drugs And Drugs1486 Words   |  6 PagesThe War on Drugs Despite an estimated $1 trillion spent by the United States on the â€Å"War on Drugs†, statistics from the US Department of Justice (2010) has confirmed that the usage of drugs has not changed over the past 10 years. Approximately $350 billion is spent per year on the â€Å"war on drugs†, only $7 billion is spent on prevention programs by the federal government. The war on drugs is more heavily focused on how to control crime, instead of how to prevent it. Not only is the war on drugs costlyRead MoreThe War On Drugs And Drugs1821 Words   |  8 PagesThe war on drugs is a long going battle and it has created many issues all around the world and as of today the highest prison population can be found in the United States due to drug charges. About half of the inmates with in federal and state prisons can be found on drug convictions. Those charges can range from possession of an illicit substance to drug trafficking that surprisingly continues to be an issue in federa l and state prisons. How can United States put an end to the war on drugs? Read MoreThe War On Drugs And Drugs Essay1549 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Drug has been a serious issue in our society and criminal justice institutes due to many problems associated, including the violence, negative health benefits, social disorganization, and other negative consequences. The police agencies have adopted a policy called â€Å"The War on Drugs†, as a response to the rising drug problems. The War on Drugs has popularized variety policies and practices that significantly increased the overall number of drug arrests, and other drug related offenses(TheRead MoreThe War On Drugs And Drugs1199 Words   |  5 PagesThere was so much information on this topic of the War on Drugs that I am still wrapping my mind around it. It went into such detail about the war on drugs that are never talked about. We always hear â€Å"just say no.† I know that drugs are a very big problem in our society and even the whole world but I never knew to what extent it really was. I found it very interesting how Johann Hari interviewed these people who were in the middle of the drug war and their stories. It really opened my eyes to whatRead MoreThe War On Drugs And Drugs808 Words   |  4 PagesWhose interests are advanced by sustaining the war on drugs? Police seems to gain a lot by sustaining the â€Å"war on drug†. Drugs are a significant force in police deviance, with as many as half of all convictions in police corruption cases involving drug-related crimes. Corruption in law enforcement, courts, and corrections can be explained through egoism selfish desires for personal gain. In other cases, however, corruption might be better understood as stemming from socially hedonistic incentives;Read MoreThe War On Drugs And Drugs2027 Words   |  9 Pagesincreased federal spending in an attempt to curb the number of drug users and the sale and importation of illicit narcotics the war on drugs began in earnest. The war on drugs has also played a major role in politics as well as having a significant impact on the economy. While there are many arguments in favor for the war on drugs and an equal number of arguments against it I will attempt to show an unbiased look at the war on drugs and drug prohibition and how it has affected society as a whole. SinceRead MoreWar On Drugs And Drugs1952 Words   |  8 PagesWar on Drugs The war on drugs has come a long way without any remarkable success. America has been dealing with the drug menace for many years to a point that four of its presidents have declared the war on drugs part of their main agenda. Sadly, it has been a lost war in various perspectives. Drug abuse continues to be a daily topic with drug abusers flooding not only the American society but also many countries’ hospitals, prisons and courts. The drug trade has continued to cause violent crimesRead MoreWar On Drugs And Drug Trafficking960 Words   |  4 Pagestrafficking, drug trafficking, and weapons trafficking. One of the most harmful organized crimes is drug trafficking. What makes drug trafficking organized is the system of production to distribution. Drug trafficking organizations have a hierarchy of power from the kingpins to the couriers. Drug also has political influence they are able to bribe and blackmail politicians. Trafficking drugs is a multi-billion-dollar business, and the United States is one of its largest markets. Drug trafficking is